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Advertising doesn’t allow privacy settings

You can select not to use google personal search data but then the ONLY option on the next page is then to agree to use google information. What a scam.

Very handy

Great app for travelers and those who follow travel. It lets you see flight progress and some history with ease.


The new update has significantly improved the app. I am very happy now that I can efficiently see the planes around me on the map.

Newbie - great so far

I am using the app to track my friend’s plane. So far it is working great, but I’m not using it for very much. Maybe it will fail me in the future but right now I can say “great app“! I can see where it will be helpful in the future when I fly commercial plane to. Again, this is all new to me, but I would recommend this app.

Great App

The Flight Aware app is a valuable asset to the travelers. I use it on every flight.

Stupid app

They bother you to make an account the entire time you’re on the app, and if you DO create an account they don’t stop sending you emails. When I tried to add a flight there were continuous errors. Stupid stupid stupid

Won't work

This just doesn't work on my iPad and I don't care whose fault it is, Flight Aware's, my iPad's, or the internet. It is typical computer BS where if something doesn't work everyone in the chain will blame everyone else. The specific problem with this app is it is slow to the point where I constantly get ahead of the screen repaintings. It is so aggravating it is making me BALD!

Old version wasn’t broke new one IS

Almost impossible to use Looked for UAL 1481 to SAT Could not find

Arrived status

When looking at particular tale numbers In previous versions a flight would say “Arrived two days Ago” or “Arrived six hours Ago” or Arrived “Six weeks ago”. Now it’s been changed to where they all just say “Arrived”. You now have to look at the dates and figure out how many days weeks or whatever since it’s last flight. Why did this change. I would improve my rating if they would put this back. When looking at a certain planes tail numbers each flight just says “Arrived” as opposed to the more helpful “Arrived two days ago”. Please put it back.

Love the notifications

This app gives me info of delays and gate changes minutes before the airport monitor or crew member. The notifications are great. Also like the feature “where is my plane”. That helps spot a most likely delay ahead of time.


Attempted to setup alerts for an upcoming flight but kept receiving an error message. Tried logging in and out and uninstalling/reinstalling the app and no luck. Not quite the app I was hoping for


I love this app. Works great - tons of features.

Love It

I use it all the time when watching planes or going to pick someone up at O'hare. Super easy to track flights or see what's coming in.



Worth to use

Up to date info


FlightAware is easy to use and displays the data I need in a format easy to understand.

Lots of Fun!

I have enjoyed this app a lot. I use it primarily for entertainment and following my flights. Couple it with a tower app and you have it all.

App doesn’t work

So I just downloaded this app to track my parents’ flight for the next day. Anytime I tried to do anything in it, it wouldn’t work. Might as well use the internet or a different app.

Wrong airplane listed.

I was on N467AS for Alaska Airlines the other day and the airplane it is a Boeing 737-900ER and not a 737-700 as listed on your app. Might want to fix it. Thanks!


I entered psp to dfw and got all kinds of flights , for example, Salt Lake City to dfw. What happened? This is a mess!


Most recent update seems to have crashed most of the app. I get the same error message over and over again: “unable to deserialize”. I have relied on this app for years but now it’s useless. What’s up with your QA department??

Broken update - support won’t fix it

I’ve complained to support about this app since the update issued on July 10, 2018. The app will not auto-refresh, and you cannot manually refresh either, despite what support tells me. The screen shows incomplete information. I’ve sent screenshots to support but there’s no fix, and they have stopped responding to my emails. Very bad. This used to be my favorite plane tracking app, but now it’s useless.

No Ads?

I paid for no ads, and still have them. I emailed support, and was told to “wait 15 - 20 minutes,” then restore purchase. I’ve actually removed & reinstalled the app, and tried to restore purchases, still have ads. I’ve emailed again, asking for help, or a refund. If they come through, I’ll amend this review. As of now, not real impressed with the support.

Bad update

Was a wonderful app till the last update. Now when I go to “my location “ it jumps around and in and out so much that flights disappear before I can retrieve any info about them. It’s now perfectly useless trying to see info on any flights in progress. Am deleting. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Nothing displaying

Frequent and consistent issues with no planes displaying. I have been a long time user of this app but need to look elsewhere; it is currently not useful.

Alerts not working!

I’ve been happy using this app for several years. But since the latest update I’ve not been able to set an Alert. I keep getting an error that it can’t be tracked even though all the flight info is present.

This App is Back!

I have used this app for years and I was very frustrated that the most recent versions had become unusable -- the screen would spontaneously reposition itself to my location, no matter where I was on the map. The latest version (5.6.4) seems to have fixed this and I can now enjoy my favorite flight tracking tool!


I would not even think of traveling without FlightAware!!! It’s very rare that wrong on flights and or timing! So much better than the airline apps. Keep up the good work!

Junk, was great before

Try looking at an area outside my current location and within 4-5 seconds the map scrolls back to my current location, zoom in/out planes disappear, no more track logs, I’m assuming this was all done on purpose to encourage one to pay? Please advise, not happy.

ruined it!

When I attempt to set an alert on an incoming flight so that I can pick up my customer on time, I always get an error — not to mention that I first get a modal dialog *every time* asking me if I’m on the flight or meeting someone on the flight or some other nonsense that is ultimately just in the way of what I’m trying to do. I also cannot search when phone is oriented horizontally.

Useful. Complicated.

It’s a truly useful app. I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and it’s good to see it steadily improving. The downside is complexity, especially in app navigation. Some is unavoidable: it does a lot. But I can’t help feeling it could be simpler in places.

Add favorites!!!

I am not able to add flights to favorites. It gives an error “FlightAware encountered an unrecoverable error........”

Simple, yet important button missing

I love FlightAware’s website. Their app is also very nice when it works. The big problem I have is with the nearby traffic map. When it fails to update… that’s just it. There are times when I see data that is obviously stale. Anything from 15 minutes old to hours old and there’s nothing I’ve found that will fix it. Killing the app and reopening just seems to load the same stale data. A simple refresh button is badly needed. I don’t know why FlightAware’s developers haven’t added one already.

Flights disappear before the end of the day

After 10:15pm I cannot find a flight scheduled to leave from Detroit at 10:45pm tonight Flight aware just deleted this evening ‘s flight entirely. The day ends at midnight not 10:15pm. Flight aware needs to fix this bug.

Update broke it

I’ve used this app forever it seems, but the last update bombed. When I click on an airplane, the data shows up, but when you close the window, all the planes disappear. You have to close/open the app before it works, then bombs again. I changed to another app. Please fix it.

Last update was a downgrade

Use to be able to view inbound flight, that option is gone. Also could identify exact aircraft model and series but no more.


When zooming I lose aircraft that were on screen (and that I can see over head). Very glitchy recently. What happened????? Have iPhone 8 with iOS 11.4 up to date.

Stop centering on my location.

With the latest update, the map will center on my location after a refresh or two no matter where I am looking. Annoying as hell when you re trying to look elsewhere.


Shows flight as having landed over 5 hours early just because of momentary radar loss.

What! Where has this been!

It’s like discovering SHAZAM again. Something so useful. I work in media and people all the time say - did you see sub and such in the sky??? THANK YOU FLIGHT AWARE!

What happened???

Was always a great five star app. Now the locate feature doesn’t work right. When I locate my location is pushes my location to the bottom left corner of the screen. And whenever I pan somewhere else, it keeps wanting to push the map back to my current location. Whenever I leave any setting, such as the layers setting, the drop down screen to search for a flight almost always slides down by itself. When I click the ‘where is my plane now’ button, it just shows the flight path for the last flight, which could have been 24 hours ago. Doesn’t really tell where the plane is NOW. Ok... so if my flight is showing as delayed, why does the departure and arrival both show ‘on time?’ Doesn’t seem to make any sense. Radar is very hit or miss now. Slow loading, inaccurate, and missing tiles. What in the world happened????

Update messed up app

This app used to work just fine. Ever since the latest update it’s a mess. Will be deleting it as it doesn’t work at all.


Me da la información a tiempo completo. Es confiable.

Slow and buggy recently

Used to be rock solid. Nowadays, much less reliable. Planes appear and disappear at random in the UI. Not a tool I would recommend any longer.


It’s nice but I would recommend the following : - filter the landing flights for each airport. For example: I want to see only the landing or the flights heading to San Diego airport . Not the ones that taking off or in the Sky . - Refresh to get actual info . I have to go back and click on the airport to get actual info about the flights . I would recommend the app refresh it self .



Pilot User

Love the app. I’ve been using it for a number of years. With it, I can provide my tail number or flight number to folks I’m visiting so that they will have a pretty good idea of when my flight or me in my personal aircraft will arrive.

Last update messed things up

Doesn’t update (need to close the app and re-open). And doesn’t show planes overhead like it used to. When you zoom in, half the planes disappear. Also - you can’t delete certain history (flights) unless you go to view full history and clear all. Hope the developers realize these major mistakes. Otherwise a great app!

Very accurate

Easy to use and always right

Needs fix

This app has a good amount of information but after the last update the app is missing a key feature. The list of flights and map don’t automatically update anymore. Often to update anything I have to close the entire app and reopen the page I was looking at. If this is fixed I will be happy to call this a great app again.

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