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First to know

I first gave them only 1 star earlier saying they had the wrong info. Found out later they were the first to report the delay. 5 + stars for them for the earliest info I needed

Very accurate

I do not use the app enough anymore since I retired, as a Captain with a major airline in which I commuted for years, but when I do I am impressed with the accuracy and information available. There is a bit of a learning curve every time I use the app due to my infrequent use but when I "relearn" how to set it up the information is invaluable.

Great tool

It is great to review your flight afterwards.

Slooooooow...what’s going on??

Update: The app is still awesome but the display is experiencing major latency with refreshing the map. I ran a speed test and I’m currently getting 300 down/30 up (mbps) so it’s not speed and a forced reset of iPad didn’t fix the issue either. Updating to the new release of FlightAware was a no go as well. There’s always the website of course, but this is rather convenient. I’ll try again later and will update if my results are different. I've used the desktop FlightAware probably since its inception and the iOS version for many years. At times the app was ignored and under-developed, but the recent binge of updates have made it cutting edge once again. Every one of the flight tracking apps offers something just a bit different so YMMV according to your needs...FlightAware offers something for both the frequent traveler and the aviation aficionado so I highly recommend it. It also offers a very cheap option to remove annoying ads which I always take advantage of when offered.

Out of sync with the web site

I used to trust the FlightAware app but my wife and I were just trying to follow the status of our daughter’s departure flight to Newark and got two different stories from FlightAware. I was using the app that still showed the flight as on time and my wife was using the FlightAware website that showed a 3-hour departure delay. What’s up with that? I checked the app again and in the flight details block it showed the local departure and the arrival in Newark as on time but there was a notation at the top of that same screen that showed the flight as delayed (with no other information as to how long). The web site showed an actual delayed departure time. I think the app and web site should be in sync and I think that any notation of a flight delay should give the app user the same information as the web site user.



Easy to use and accurate

Very helpful app.


The app is a good app but it needs to have one feature added to the app. The ability to view flight delay and cancellations. You can see this online on the site why not on the app too? I would like to see this added during the next update of the app.

Here a fantastic to keep up with love ones

I use this app every time s family member flies. It helps my elderly mother know where her children are and that they are safe

Weak, dumbed down functionality

Compared to regular web site, the app offers not terribly useful information that has been dumbed down. Key data like historical delay details is lacking as is updated flight times that are available on website. Just not worth the space on my iPhone.


Simple way to navigate the so. Use it all the time.....

Tons of information

I love how much information this app provides. When in LA, I can look up a plane that flew overhead and see where the flight originated. I wish I had been a pilot instead of a trucker but I'm still relatively young. =)


Love it

Cool app Fer sherrr...

Very informative. I like an app that helps me save time, and this is it! Thank You.

Great flight tracking app

Great app for tracking flights - more accurate than the airline's apps. Even better if you know the airline abbreviation


Gives accurate info on flights.

Not as user friendly as it use to be

See above

Incorrect Map Projection

The global map distorts the flight paths and times on the flat Earth.


Ur losers. Paid for no ads. Keep coming. Losers

Great app but Plane pictures

Is it possible to update app so that we can click on the plane type and it will show is a picture of the plane? Thanks!

Useful and detailed, but so-so performance

I love this app because I am constantly on the move and want to know which flight is leaving and returning. The app itself is very detailed and gives the user a beautiful interface with the flights. But the performance and refresh rate could be improved along with some slow animations and load times on my iPhone 7 plus

PROMPT Response to Inquiry

Experienced a problem removing an “airport” from my list. Within MINUTES received acknowledgment of my inquiry, followed by resolution of the issue. Very impressed! The above lead to my purchasing the ad-free upgrade. App is very useful and informative. Many thanks to the Support Staff.

Clunky, slow, and downright disappointing

App is very slow and does not work well. Navigation is not intuitive. I have set up notifications for a single flight twice and it will not stick. It’s been a while since an app has worked so poorly for me. Very disappointing.

Worthless without a membership

Will not

Result unknown issue

I’m getting since the last update result unknown. I didn’t have a issues before on my Apple 7+ before. When flights land there been popping up. Usually when that comes up the flight has been diverted or canceled and should not be for flights landing should say landing.

Air Craft Fueler Must Have!

This is a must have app if you are an aircraft fueler! Tells you all you need to know about your flight, like flight number, gate, ETA or of any delays !!


App does not work properly or doesn’t work at all. Useless


This app was great! But they screwed it up by trying to fix it. Now for flight arrivals there is no time. The flight was on the ground arrived. It just says no results. But next time if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Just fix what you just screwed up.

I’m Kiki jokingly told her Ommi’s

I’m sure

1st user

Fast and to the point. It did not see a way to set up alerts

add function "search by airline"

i'd like to see airplanes sorted by airlines.

There it is!

I can finally look up at the sky, spot a plane and know where it is going, kind of plane, altitude and speed. I even know where it is going, when it is due to arrive and where it came from. Great app if you ever looked up and thought "wonder what altitude or heading or speed". I can even figure what is over where it is.


Love to use this app...

Great App

We fly the Airlines a lot and it’s great tracking our connecting flights. We also use it to see our next gate is. FlightAware is great when you do travel.

Very informative!

I love using this app when my hubby is traveling. With multiple legs on any flight, I can set it up to see them one after another & know that he's landed or his connections are on time. It's come in so handy! Thank you for all of your hard work & dedication!


I like it because it includes everything including private jets. Includes maps, weather, airport info, wait times, notifications, tracks planes activity... The only difficulty is looking up by flight numbers. It’s super specific!

Data not accurate

I love seat guru but the content is not accurate . I am flying business class to Singapore on Korean Air via Seoul and they display the wrong seat confirmation.

Super APP

Super app. Does more than I ever expected!

Love this app.

Absolutely the best flight tracker app. Period. Easy to use and very easy to search for arrivals or departures at any Airport. Thanks for a great product. BOB


It is an excellent app, specially if you want track flights, it is very accurate and easy use

Great app

I depend on it to let me know when to pick up people on arriving flights.


This app is helpful.. Thanks


Great useful app, use it every day to track local and overseas flights. We have children in the commercial aviation business.

Meh, web site works better than app

The app doesn’t show as much info as when you go via the internet. App no misery map? The web site has more info.


Use all the time!

Best Flight Information App

This is my go to app to find out ALL the details of my flights. The information is always current and displayed in an intuitive way.

Sourcing for flight

Date of the flight is not requested while sourcing. If it is there I did not see it. That already is not good.

Travel Essential

This app is very useful and the standard for travelers. Do not spend money on a different app.

Awesome app for travel and detail notification

Good to know the flight will be delay or cancelled. Tracking your flight when you have your family onboard. Very nicely made and all the features.

Not good!

Navigation is terrible.

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