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Love this app

Absolutely the travelers best friend.

won’t set up notifications

This app worked fine for awhile, but suddenly, it will not allow me to set up notifications for flights. When I try to set a notification for a flight, I get a message that “email to friends for single day only” (or something similar). I don’t have emails to friends set up in my settings, so the error message makes no sense to me. I have settings to just email to me to track flights I want to meet. I tried turning off even emails to me to reset to “send to my device”, but I still get the error message. Flight Tracker is a much more reliable app, and it has become my go-to app for tracking flights I need to meet. This one just doesn’t work anymore.


What happened to the information on aircraft registration and/or ownership?

Nice interface and accurate information

I am a frequent traveler and I have been using this app for a while. I find it easy to use, accurate, and informative.

Bad move with ad remove subscriptions

It was a greedy move to cripple your app with remove ad subscription without any warning to existing users. An email would’ve been nice. Switch back to a one time fee to remove ads.

Fantastic All around

ARR, DEP, Weather, Delays tracking you name it - It’s here! Great for travelers or Geeks


I’ve never been a fan of the new version introduced a couple years ago, and now you guys got rid of time zones on flight info. And the light theme is all buggy with setting the overlays. Fix these issues please. I’ve been a long time user of this app.

Some fraud going on

There a certain amount of fraud going on with the advertised page views above. Don’t expect to see the plane info or registered owner, as indicated. The latest update did away with that - some of the most useful info in the app. Otherwise it’s pretty good, albeit slow to load at times.


You changed the ad removal from a one time purchase to a subscription? You barely have customers who download and use this app as is and you’re demanding for more? I thought of buying the app in the near future, but with this change I certainly will not. Now I know this is just like any other money-hungry app. Screw off.

Best overall flight info app

Great consolidated information from flight status to weather. A must have for every trip.

Icons are missing

Many icons are missing visually but they are there in functionality. Please fix. Don't install v 5.5.0

Love the app, but...

Really love the app but specially since I live by a major airport. Great to look up in the sky and see where the various planes are heading. One slight glitch since the latest update. When I tap the far right bottom icon that looks like stacked paper, the lower half of my iPhone screen turns solid white. There are a few small blue dots on the left side. And the only way to get rid of this white segment is to close the app. Am I the only one that is having this issue?

Interested Observer

Like the app and the way it functions but I would like to see the registration details brought back .


I had paid for an ad- free app and with the latest update, ads are appearing again despite the note from the developer that previous add-free users would continue to have the add-free version. I guess the new subscription based model does not respect previous loyal customers....


This app was great! But they screwed it up by trying to fix it. Now for flight arrivals there is no time. The flight was on the ground arrived. It just says no results. But next time if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Just fix what you just screwed up. I totally agree with the universe statement. No flight arrived time is a waste of time for me. SCREweD uP NoW?

Update flights

The airplanes I’m searching are not current/updating! The flights are years old!


It’s 100% easier to use the website than the useless app

No way to remove ads

I purchased ad removal and now this update is displaying ads with no option to restore my purchase. Very annoyed and this can't be legal. Response to developer: There was no Restore Purchases button after the update. I had to remove the app and reinstall it to see that option.

Great App for Years

This app belongs in your core group of useful apps.

Wouldn’t let me remove ads.

said “Check Network”, which was intentionally misleading

Used to be great.. no more

App crashes / hangs way too much. And now ads? Well, out it goes. Will delete as soon as I finish writing this. Too bad. Used to be good.

Flight Aware

Very very useful.

Do not update unless you want to pay monthly

Used to be you could pay once to remove ads. That isn’t the case anymore so if you want to have no advertising make sure you buy it ASAP

Log in error

I love FlightAware and I was hoping to use it to track a family member flight but I can’t log in to the mobile app which is sad.

No pop ups!

Popup ads very annoying on small iPhone screens- guarantees I won’t use this app!

Awesome APP.

This is essential for me as a frequent traveler.

Notifications don’t work

The one important feature is notifications and I just keep getting errors.

Good tracker

I spend a fair amount of time picking up and dropping off traveling friends and family. This app really helps with tracking where flights are and arrival times, which is important to me as I'm 2 hrs from the airport.

App faults

I use this app for my job and it worked great but now when I go in to see the departures for the next day nothing pops up, only after the plane takes off then that flight info is there. it’ll be great for u to fix this issue thanks

Small bug

The app was very handy and showing the progress of the plane I am waiting on. But once the plane landed it started giving different data on different flights even though when I went backwards it showed that I had the right flight but then “where is the flight now” showed a flight to Japan not my Amsterdam to Detroit arrival 😉

Flight aware


Love this app!

I have family flying out of town and this is the perfect app to have to monitor the progress of their trek. I had no worries about where their were landing, which gate, I could plan the layover and was able to provide remote assistance when questioned. Perfect app for the worried spouse and parent.

Flight surgeon

This app is a must for anyone traveling commercially. Easy to use.



Crashed everytime

Need improve


Can’t verify your email to get alerts what is the point of having this ??? Don’t DL

Poor Information

Sitting in Port Elizabeth, South Africa waiting for Flight SA1338. FA schedule says landed at 14.45, now 16.18, still waiting

Alerts don’t always work

I use this app every time I fly or pick up family/friends from the airport and it is no longer consistently sending push alerts. Since it is not consistent it defeats the main purpose I use the app for. I hope they research and fix this issue soon because I love the app when it works correctly.

Nice design but buggy

Frequent lockups, rotation is busted on the iPhone X, and search fails to find any flight. Wish I could use it

No Information

Literally every time I click the info tab on a flight for more information about the flight, app displays an error pop up, without showing anything else. I don’t need an app to see if there’s a plane in the sky. App does not work as described. New phone, fully updated, and allegedly supported by app.


Very slow, does not start


Update. Got arrival time but last time I used this app there was a map showing the flight and it’s location. That was the best part and it’s not here now! WHY?!! *I dont know what happened, the last time i used this app it worked great but today is horrid. Im so annoyed by it I can’t even say. I wanna throw something but all i have right now is my iPad and I'm not gonna throw that so I’ll just fume!

So Awesome

I’m a nervous flier so when my loved ones are flying this app really soothes my nervousness since tracking the plane’s progress is super reassuring. I can watch the plane from takeoff to landing :)


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UX is practically abysmal


Detailed app

This is one of the best, detailed travel apps I’ve used.

Quit working

Was working...then quit...reloaded still don't work!!

App rating

I hope today is just a bad day for flighraware, app has been great however past few hours it is simply in-op and will not display ANY flights

1 star only because negative unavailable

Have 4 flight tracker apps - this is the only one that consistently can’t locate the flight I’m on or looking for. Waste of time & storage space.


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