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Add favorites!!!

I am not able to add flights to favorites. It gives an error “FlightAware encountered an unrecoverable error........”

Simple, yet important button missing

I love FlightAware’s website. Their app is also very nice when it works. The big problem I have is with the nearby traffic map. When it fails to update… that’s just it. There are times when I see data that is obviously stale. Anything from 15 minutes old to hours old and there’s nothing I’ve found that will fix it. Killing the app and reopening just seems to load the same stale data. A simple refresh button is badly needed. I don’t know why FlightAware’s developers haven’t added one already.

Flights disappear before the end of the day

After 10:15pm I cannot find a flight scheduled to leave from Detroit at 10:45pm tonight Flight aware just deleted this evening ‘s flight entirely. The day ends at midnight not 10:15pm. Flight aware needs to fix this bug.

Update broke it

I’ve used this app forever it seems, but the last update bombed. When I click on an airplane, the data shows up, but when you close the window, all the planes disappear. You have to close/open the app before it works, then bombs again. I changed to another app. Please fix it.

Last update was a downgrade

Use to be able to view inbound flight, that option is gone. Also could identify exact aircraft model and series but no more.


When zooming I lose aircraft that were on screen (and that I can see over head). Very glitchy recently. What happened????? Have iPhone 8 with iOS 11.4 up to date.

Stop centering on my location.

With the latest update, the map will center on my location after a refresh or two no matter where I am looking. Annoying as hell when you re trying to look elsewhere.


Shows flight as having landed over 5 hours early just because of momentary radar loss.

What! Where has this been!

It’s like discovering SHAZAM again. Something so useful. I work in media and people all the time say - did you see sub and such in the sky??? THANK YOU FLIGHT AWARE!

What happened???

Was always a great five star app. Now the locate feature doesn’t work right. When I locate my location is pushes my location to the bottom left corner of the screen. And whenever I pan somewhere else, it keeps wanting to push the map back to my current location. Whenever I leave any setting, such as the layers setting, the drop down screen to search for a flight almost always slides down by itself. When I click the ‘where is my plane now’ button, it just shows the flight path for the last flight, which could have been 24 hours ago. Doesn’t really tell where the plane is NOW. Ok... so if my flight is showing as delayed, why does the departure and arrival both show ‘on time?’ Doesn’t seem to make any sense. Radar is very hit or miss now. Slow loading, inaccurate, and missing tiles. What in the world happened????

Update messed up app

This app used to work just fine. Ever since the latest update it’s a mess. Will be deleting it as it doesn’t work at all.


Me da la información a tiempo completo. Es confiable.

Slow and buggy recently

Used to be rock solid. Nowadays, much less reliable. Planes appear and disappear at random in the UI. Not a tool I would recommend any longer.


It’s nice but I would recommend the following : - filter the landing flights for each airport. For example: I want to see only the landing or the flights heading to San Diego airport . Not the ones that taking off or in the Sky . - Refresh to get actual info . I have to go back and click on the airport to get actual info about the flights . I would recommend the app refresh it self .



Pilot User

Love the app. I’ve been using it for a number of years. With it, I can provide my tail number or flight number to folks I’m visiting so that they will have a pretty good idea of when my flight or me in my personal aircraft will arrive.

Last update messed things up

Doesn’t update (need to close the app and re-open). And doesn’t show planes overhead like it used to. When you zoom in, half the planes disappear. Also - you can’t delete certain history (flights) unless you go to view full history and clear all. Hope the developers realize these major mistakes. Otherwise a great app!

Very accurate

Easy to use and always right

Needs fix

This app has a good amount of information but after the last update the app is missing a key feature. The list of flights and map don’t automatically update anymore. Often to update anything I have to close the entire app and reopen the page I was looking at. If this is fixed I will be happy to call this a great app again.

An essential tool

Should be in every air travelers toolkit. If you don't fly but meet flyers at the airport, you need it to.

Ruined as of 8/5/18

These last few updates ruined the app. I cannot see most of the flights near me. I will literally have 2 or 3 planes flying nearby and this app doesn’t show any of them. Please fix. Using another app until then.

Terrible. Would not create alert.

Crap waste of my time.


When you’re looking at the arrivals board, it does it show the arrival time, it only shows when the flight departed from the departing airport. UPDATE: with is the latest update seems to fix the issue

App is completely unresponsive

Installed on an iPad Pro 10.5, iOS 11.4.1; signed in, app froze, deleted and re-installed, signed in, app froze. I have tried this several times, recycled the iPad off-to-on, no joy. Map shows no tracks, can’t enter any data because the app is frozen.

Arrival times should be in local time

Pretty good app but they recently changed arriving flight times to origin time zones. All arrivals should be listed as local time...or at least have the option to view arrival times as local or departure time zones.


Good at identifying overhead planes, but has a problem following commercial flights at times.

Not accurate

My sister is at the airport saying the flight was delayed 45” yet FlightAware says it’s on time. Won’t allow me to sign in. I have the newest version but it has not been accurate. I’m using an iPhone 6s and tracking flights from Gerald R Ford International Airport



Cant set up

Refused to let me create an account. Kept getting error message when I tried to enter name and email

Losing edge

I’ve enjoyed this app for some time. But recently, updated have been poor. Maps don’t update in a timely manner, initial screen NEVER comes back to where it was. Just very poor user interface.

Latest Update

Not a fan of the latest update. My biggest complaint is how times are displayed for enroute flights. Previously the times shown were local and now are the local time of the departing airport. I have also noticed multiple redundant flight ie: Delta and Expressjet showing as two separate flights but actually just one regional carrier flight.

App is ok

I had this app on my android and loved it. However when I switched to the IPhone and got the iOS version, the format seems less user friendly. It doesn’t seem to update flight info and tracking as quickly as the android version.

Just what I need

So very helpful when picking up loved ones from the very busy Newark Liberty International Airport.

Missing things

Your app is not as good as the regular site Where’s my plane not there Seems like too many steps to take you where to regular site is right in front of you Family does a lot of travel, and I want to know where they are. I go to the non app to get info

Does not update traffic

Planes don’t move static stationary. iPhone SE latest iOS.

No real time info

This app does not show the correct information for specific flights. A family member is flying from Germany to the US on Eurowings the flight is already in the air and this app shows it as scheduled in 48 hours. Completely useless


This app helpful for knowing flights status

No longer works for me

I drive for uber and Lyft and rely on this app heavily to be able to predict surges at the airport based on flight arrival times. Without this app or something similar I would not be able to make as much money as I do and out of all the different flight tracking apps, this one is by far my favorite because of how easy it is to use and track incoming flights. Unfortunately, its best feature seems to have stopped working for me, my boyfriend, and other drivers I’ve talked to. Flight arrivals no longer show up in chronological order, rather they seem to be listed according to their origination point departure times. This renders the app completely useless for us and hopefully it can be fixed soon as we have yet to find any other apps that are as intuitive and easy to use as flight aware!


Cannot imagine be better

Glitch with arrival times

Instead of showing what time the plane arrives, it only shows the time they left. I have to click on each flight to see the arrival time. Please fix this soon. I use this app regularly and it’s aggravating to look at each flight individually every time I use the app.

It doesn’t work well

This app worked well before the most recent update. Now it won’t refresh the map as often.

Not accurate information

I’ve only recently started using this app. I’ve followed flights I’ve been on and information was not accurate. Then used to watch my daughters flight. It reported the flight ended almost 30 minutes before it landed. Not good when waiting for a loved one.

Too bad...

Sorry guys...this app needs A LOT of work...almost useless in its current configuration. Examples: the order in which flights are listed (why would I be asking about a flight that’s taking off two days from now?), double-listing info for the same flight (it’s taxiing- no - it’s taken off!), toggling from one function to another is impossible. Back to the drawing board, folks!

Used to be the best, now doesn’t work at all

For years this is been my turn-to app for tracking all flights for myself or love ones. But in the last update (early July) they completely broke the app, and now it just throws JSON errors whenever you try to put in a flight number. Such a shame.


This app was great! But they screwed it up by trying to fix it. Now for flight arrivals there is no time. The flight was on the ground arrived. It just says no results. But next time if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Just fix what you just screwed up. I totally agree with the universe statement. No flight arrived time is a waste of time for me. SCREweD uP NoW? Now even more scReWed Up. The arrival time is out of order. STAR rating going down👎🏻

No longer being notified of canceled and delayed flights

Notifications used to work really well. However, lately I’ve not been getting any notifications of delayed and canceled flights. What’s changed?

App issue

App is persistently showing incorrect departure and arrival times in preview mode for Missoula airport (MSO).

I don’t see the arrival time

I don’t se the arrival time a see the departure only fix the please thanks


Eh, it’s so so.

Why the change?

Love the app but now find it cumbersome when tracking arriving flights. Before the update the app showed actual arrival time but it now shows scheduled time. Flights are always delayed, which means another touch on a flight to see actual arrival time. Would love to see it go back to showing actual arrival time, can you revert or give us the option to choose which we prefer?

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