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192 add


Doesnt even have as many features as Plane Finder, whats the point in making an app less good than one that already exists ?

Update with add

0, if you make the update you will have adds on the top. I had the application for one year, now i remove it.

Une mise a jour simpose !!!!

An update is extremely needed for this app. Bugs often appears especially on iPad version !!! The App is great and helpful though !!!

Great apps

Gréât best way to keep track

Big miss!

Ugly site, former capabilities lost or not easily reestablished. Confusing for user. Ergonomic use absolutely awful. Uninstalling app

After the update, It does not work...

Iphone 6+ After selecting a flight number the app closes. it does not work! the application is unusable now.

Good app

It should have an option (paying) to remove the ads


Easy To use, usefull for monitoring family travelling

GRU AirPort is not found

The São Paulo International AirPort - GRU disappeard after the last application update. This app is great but useless for me now. The browser version is fine.


I dont recommend since its not working as designed because the map is not working. Also I strongly do not recommend the purchase of the full version because of it.

I gares

Dont have my City

Good app, but stopped working

Its been a week, is not working properly.

Awful new version

Ads completely block the options in the bottom of the screen. The app is now very confusing and not at all user-friendly. Such a shame.

Super better than the paid One

superb go ahead


Prima App! Macht Spass und funktioniert!

Great App, but bad German translation...

... please add an option to use English even if the system language is different. Otherwise you can hardly understand some parts of the app.

Missing airlines

Not useful. Missing some airlines and flights. The search by flight rout is not working (or maybe is it because it is missing the flight?)

Top App

Alles hammer


Confusing UI with too much info and too many options.

Missing Flight

Tracking AI-120 for 7-Aug-2015 shows either one which landed on 7th in Delhi, or one which will depart on 8-Aug. Too bad, they havent got the App figured out.

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